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Thread: virus??

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    recently i have had some major problems with utorrent and my xp..

    some days ago there was a virus in my comp wich cause my comp to restart every 5-10 mins aftr the start..and then there was an error msg sayin that windows suffered some serious problem and had to shutdown....
    i ran a scan at esetnod32 but nuthin came...ultimately i had to format my comp..
    yesterday again when i installed utorrent version 1.75 it started happening and i was shit scared....i uninstalled utorrent and the prob was gone...

    frm the error msg that came i got to knw that the prob was in a file name WER????(? = i dont knw the name fully) and was contained in my 'temp' folder
    if anyone of u can will be really appreciated..
    thanks a lot..

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    I have never had problems with utorrent.
    What firewall are you using?
    empty your temp folder could be a start (use
    If possible post a hijackthislog

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    Nicole hope it was n't a file I sent you ? I'v not had a problem with Utorrent of any version either . Sounds like a really old virus like the "Blaster Worm " or variant .

    You formatted tho maybe a trojan in your XP copy ? What version of Nod32 are you using , one you can update ?

    A new version of Nod32 Antivirus ver. 3.0.621.0 that is a trial is floating around the net that uses a certain Server to update , no name/pass required .

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    i had thtbersion of antivirus full version but the prob was that i wasnt getting no ports open in utorrent even aftr port forwarding n i thought it maybe cause eset had firewall n some added on features in the new edition i changed back to the older one..lolz


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