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Thread: Uploading problem

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    I am trying to upload a .avi file on, but i don't seem to be able to do it.

    The file is 349mb, but it won't upload past 347mb. I am using MegaManager to upload it, and every time it gets to 347mb, it pauses the upload. If I click to resume it, the upload goes back to 346mb, then uploads another mb, bringing it back up to 347mb, then pauses again!

    I have also tried to upload on the main website, but it also stops uploading after a while. I have checked my storage, and I still have over 100GB left (I have a premium account), so that isn't a problem.

    Anyone know why it is doing this, and how I can stop it?

    One more thing, I have looked in my filemanager,and refreshed is loads of times to see if it had uploaded it (sometimes MegaManager doesn't think it is finished uploading when it is), and the file had not been uploaded.

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    Try to rar the file it seems a strange problem you have unless theres limits and your limit is 347 can you upload without useing the manager maybe that will be an option


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