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Thread: Seedbox wanted (probably shared)

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    option 1
    I am looking for someone that has a vectoral or leaseweb seedbox (or comprable provider) with a web UI, that would be willing to share with me.
    The most I can offer is 30 usd via paypal (thats all I have in my paypal)

    I would use it on 3 trackers: waffles (I need just 7 gigs to be a PU then I wont need to seed too much), BMTV (I need to do about 45 gb up to become a PU), and theDVDclub (I just want about 20 gb buffer there).
    So I would be a pretty light user, if I really went crazy I would use about 200 gigs bw tops

    You need to send me proof of the cost of your hosting, just so I know its a fair deal. I obviously want someone that I can trust.

    PM me


    option 2

    edit: or any who doesnt have a box but wants one, wanna share a rundgren @ vectoral? Someone good with linux or know how to set one up.
    Rundgren by

    • Intel® Pentium™ III 1.0 GHZ
    • 512MB DDR-RAM
    • 20GB 7.2K RPM IDE-HDD
    • 1000GB Bandwidth
    Monthly: $49.95 - Setup fee: $9.95

    option 3

    or my first choice:
    the start 100m to share with someone who lives in france, belgium, or switzerland
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    Why not just get 1 of those cheap TFlux hosting accounts?

    Most are unmetered bandwidth with a limit on HDD space and torrents active. U could easily get it up if u left them active for a few days...


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