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Thread: watching DL HD film ? help

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    hey im trying to get hd films to play from my pc thru xbox 360 on to tv !
    ive dl a film 20g and been reading thru forums but cant see how to just watch it as its too big to burn on dl dvd s

    its in 2 folders
    1= adv obj 25 mg
    2=hvdvd ts 18g
    in the 2nd folder the files are called (.BUP)(.EVO)(.MAP)
    ive read u can burn the 2nd folder with nero but just want to watch it thru my pc any help please ppl

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    Although I'm not that familiar with ripping HD ISO formats, I'd recommend encoding the video into an h264 .mp4 video file with MeGUI. Then you can stream this HD movie file to your 360 (provided that your 360 and PC are on the same Local Network). You will also have to downmix the audio to 2-channel AAC with the LC profile, as that is the only type of audio the 360 supports in the mp4 container. That's the way I watch HD movies on my 360. Try searching Google for more info, too.

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    I don't think it's possible to watch a hddvd backup in Xbox 360. But, you can watch HDDVD/BluRay rips if it's encoded in wmv format (mkv is not playable in xbox 360).

    Why don't you just watch the hddvd backup right in your desktop hooked to a hdtv? It saves you the trouble from transfering the file to your Xbox 360. Just use P0werDVD..


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