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Thread: Help Needed With Copying

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    I've got loads of movies downloaded but I want to lend them to friends and family to watch on their standard DVD Players( not PC ones) . How do I go about being able to copy them in order so they can play the disc on a DVD Player as the movies are .AVI Format.
    Tried converting them using FX Mpeg writer but it takes forever and I haven't got the serial number so I can unlock the full program.
    Anyone know of a faster converter or is there another way.
    Please Help

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    need to convert tthem to vcd/svcd i use a program called TMPGENC loads of people use it. it will take a while depending on ur processor speed. to do it faster dnt run n e other program with it just keep tmpgenc running on its own , doo it over night or something. but it may still take ages, i have a 1.7 gh processor and it takes me about 4 hours to encode a 600 megabyte movie .

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    some dvd players play svcd format and most/all dvd players play vcd.
    svcd is better quality then vcd.

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    Also you should check if their dvd player will play CD-R or CD-RW.

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    hum.. this peple suggested a good software, but if you are new and want a simple way out just use nero or roxio. they are easier to use nero is best all you have to do is drag the file. as one of the dude said, it takes a lot of time. however i can to it in 1 hour while using this trick. my processor is 2.4GHz so that's one good point but it normally won't encode that fast. here's how i do it. once you start doing that don't run a single program in background. just leave it alone then go on task mannager and set the priority of this encoding program to maximum that you can bring it up to. it will say it unstables your system, but just ignore it. it will if you use it!! but leave it alone until it is done while it get done change priority back to whatever it was before in most of the cases low or normal.


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