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    Anyone know of any good trackers for e-learning vids and pdfs. I'm particularly interested in 3D stuff and After Effects stuff. Also, does anyone have any invites for them too. Cheers

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    try they are open sign up

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    If you are mainly interrested in graphic related releases, i would very much recommend a site like - not sure if they are open, invite or what they are. All i know is i have an account there, and its packed with above mentioned releases.

    good luck, basic learning sites there would be LearnBits, BitMe, BitSpyder etc.
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    PMme your mail, I'll send you a learnbits Invite

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    Thanks guys. GFXNEWS.RU is closed. They are open again for 1 day only on the 2nd Feb - incase anyones interested. Does anyone have any invites now though???

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    or u can try too

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    Bitme probably the best from all e-learning sites.
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    Anyone have any BitMe invites please so I can "Feed My Brain".....

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