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Thread: Freddy Vs Jason

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    because the quicklink shit doesnt work in this forum anymore

    you have to got to this site for quicklink hash


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    Well m8 if this is the real deal alot of ppl will owe you an apology(myself included)Time shall tell.Thanks

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    I don't think this will work, y is it not on vcdquality?

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    It looks good quality to me? Unfortunately 'More Sources' is all i ever get
    Grrrrrr........ Watch this space

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    I don't think this will work, y is it not on vcdquality?
    vcdquality is shit

    keep up the good work spyware.

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    spyware MY hublest Apologizes 2 u for saying u could not get the screener... i feel bad now,...

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    Damn, nice try and the screenshots added to the effect. Also with a name like spyware this whole post made me laugh! But I ain't going to bother with this the screenshots you can easily tell are from freedys and jasons past movies. They are in totally different scences in each part and they ain't together in none of them. If someone wastes their time with this I would like to know what it is. Blank screen or maybe one of their old movies or possibily even scences from each of their past movies cut togther who knows. Also this doesn't appear on any release site.

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    spyware, y not post it on Bittorrent?

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    well i dont believe its real as it would have been all over bt and irc by now, and vcdquality dont miss a thing neither, so if u can prove every1 wrong ( i doubt it) post on bt

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    I aint saying I believe him or not but that screener message is at the bottom of the jason one and all the jason movies are old no to screen it on dvd, it would be more convincing if he posted the freddy one like that

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