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    hi i used to use dc++ ages ago and have a huge collection of dvd-r was wondering where the best torrent site would be to start uploading most of this also to start downloading dvdr again.
    also does anyone still use dc++ i'm only asking as i'm wondering whether its worth the time reinstalling it etc

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    Not many places allow just anyone to upload, you would need good speeds and need to apply for uploader status, most tent to stick to scene release also so older stuff would not be useful, however..

    You can offer files on TTi and if it gets enough votes you can then upload it there, its a good movie tracker and fairly easy to get into so might be your best bet for now.

    TheDVDClub is another, you can also upload dvd's there, could be a good option for you, fairly easy to obtain (I think you can apply there to become a member?) and its a nice site.

    At PiSexy you can upload your own files as just a user too, but its not got any invites just now so might be hard to get into.

    Unless you can become an uploader on a tracker, I think they would be your best options, maybe some others can add some trackers.
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