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Thread: Will Riaa Come After Me?

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    I have been using Kazaa Lite/ K ++ for 6 months now, and have disabled file sharing since i've had Kazaa Lite. Before, I had Kazaa, and I shared files. However, I didn't keep Kazaa on for a long time, only when I downloaded a song (2 hours a week).

    Will the RIAA care about that or should I not sweat it?

    Also, what if you download songs, keep them in the Default Shared Folder, but DISABLE sharing (no uploads)? Does the RIAA know that you are not sharing or does it assume that you are because of the files in the Shared Folder?

    Can RIAA (or any other agency) sue for DOWNLOADING MOVIES? I download Movies (I NEVER SHARE anything anymore) from Kazaa Lite/ K ++.

    One last thing, if I upload ps2 games on mIRC at 10 Kbps, will any agency sue me? (what if they are Japanese games)?

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    no they wont come after you so shut up about it

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