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Thread: .wmv

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    For the Purposes of compression i'm wanting to convert .avi files to .WMV files I couldn't find the converter in MP9. Do i have to use and external program for that..and what is best to use? Thanks

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    Windows media encoder 9 is what you're looking for.

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    Thanks..D/l the Mp just not sure which settings i should use. Iv'e tried encoding the file 3x now..and it seems to start the process.then i get a Message a top the program window of "Not Responding" that has happend 3x now.

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    I use WME a lot, and when it says not responding, you should just leave it for a while, it can take several hours to convert a large movie, but it does work.

    I have successfully used it in the past to compress 12GB of video (without audio), and using .wmv it bacame just 3.7 GB with almost no perceptible loss in quality. This process appeared to freeze the program for several hours, but it worked.

    As long as the CPU usage (according to the task manager) stays above 0, you can be sure its working.

    For best quality, make sure you use 2-pass encoding, and make sure you use a high enough bit-rate for you video, and ensure you have enough swap space.

    Hope that helps,



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