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Thread: Privacy And Liberty Issues

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    I decided to start another post because I dont feel that my message was getting across....

    Sorry about the rant, the yelling and all of the mis-spellings (sic). I just had to get that off my chest - Thanks.

    Anyhow, the point of my post (which was probably lost due to the aforementioned reasons,) was the total lack of awareness and support for the preservation of basic Civil Liberties in the United States due to a climate of fear created by our current administration. And the fact that the RIAA is scared to death that they will loose total control over the music industry and thus be rendered obsolete. The way I see things, this is part of a bigger picture.

    All the rhetoric and comparisons to dictatorships may not be far from reality. And that is what is really freaking scary.

    The other issue is that most Americans know little to nothing about what or why we even have a Bill of Rights and do not seem concerned about the direction things are going. I sincerely hope that people wake up to these facts.
    File sharing is a free exchange, without intervention from government or big business. that's why its being targeted!

    Napster was used for music sharing only - After the RIAA shut it down, people moved to de-centralized peer-to-peer systems that are more difficult to shut-down. Because of the popularity of these systems, we now we share our system with child pornographers and other scum.

    Now the RIAA is targeting the users of the system. Methods for encrypting or hiding your identity will become even easier. Making it easier for individuals to engage in illegal activities (ie Terrorists needing a secure method to transfer files and information.) Does anyone else see a pattern here?

    -I wouldn’t be so paranoid, if everyone wasn’t out to get me

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    You might be paranoid, but it does not mean they are not trying to get you!

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    Although the bit about sounding paranoid was a joke, the support of the government to allow companies to vilolate basic liberties scares the crap out of me.

    or maybe I am just paranoid

    Does anyone else feel similar?


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