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Thread: Xbox Sky Tracker question

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    Does that tracker have alot of Xbox Ready movies? (WMVHD WMV etc) or is it only for games?

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    99% are games for xbox and xbox360

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    never you mind
    Mainly Games , i dont think i seen any xbox movies there at all

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    Oh nevermind, tracker isn't for me then :-) Was hoping to find a nice tracker with alot of .WMV .WMVHD movies... I watch movies on Media Center through XboX and for stuff like .mkv and divx/xvid you have to use Transcode360 (Only the fly transcoding to .wmv's) and its slow and unstable lol...

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    Try bithdtv or hdbits

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    got em both, both have hd content but mostly in x264

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    can you not use TVersity to stream .mkv to your 360

    ive never tried it with the 360, but it works great wirelessly with the PS3.

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    Yes i use Transcode360 and it works just fine , but thats all, just fine, same with TVersity, running a native format vs transcoding isn't the same... True HD stuff in 1080p stutters here and there and some times sound desyncs etc... it works perfect for non-hd content but .mkv files and HD content are still shaky...


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