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Thread: Nero Vs. Roxio

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    Jul 2003
    I use NEro but i have a friend that says RoXio is better, Can somebody tell me the difference and Wich one is better ?

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    I Prefer Roxio...

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    Nero is way better.

    Nero is less stressful on resources and installer files are smaller in size than Roxio.

    Nero 5.5 is Windows XP compatible while Easy CD Creator 5 needs some patches that needs to be applied very carefully.

    I found both Easy CD Creator 6 and Nero 6 requiring more resources and slowing down the system but again Nero 6 was better of the two but is new and has some bugs. Nero 5.5.x is still the very best. I have Nero version.

    However Roxio installer and software are more user friendlier than Nero. Nero software requires several programs to be installed separately such as language packs, plug-ins etc and the software doesn't have such a user friendly interface as Easy CD Creator.

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    yah nero is better now that 6.0 ultra came out it rox even more

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    I use Roxio ECD/DVDC 6 to make music, mp3, and video discs.
    The only thing I ever used Nero for was to burn disc images, and now I use Alcohol 120% for that.
    It's much, much better,plus it has all the virtual drive stuff, and the interface doesn't look like crap like Nero does.

    I prefer to rip software/game discs with CloneCD, and I use EAC+Lame to rip/encode audio CDs.
    Nero just doesn't have a useful place on my PC anymore.....
    but I'm still downloading Nero6 on eMule as we speak, just on general principle.

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    I prefer Roxio 6, it has an auto update feature instead of upgrading ever time you turn around (nero x.x.xx0 this week and nero x.x.xx1 the next). Better user interface, rips my cd at 320kb, Drag to Disk couldnt get easier and Audio Central is one of the best jukebox players. Photo suite 5 is ok, I prefer PhotoImpact 8

    Of course, alcohol 120% is the best for images.

    Just my opinion,

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    NTI CD-Maker ROCKS!!!!!

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    nero=data,audio ext. roxio=S/VCD/Mini DVD Menus

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    Jul 2003
    I didn't know there were so many choices, thanks guys really good INFO

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    Jul 2003
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    i used to use roxio 'easy' cd creator (as it is as it says on the tin, easy), i much prefere nero now. but, roxio easy cd creator does have the 'Direct CD' function (it turns a cd into a floppy disk allowing you to drag and drop files onto it through windows explorer)

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