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Thread: Where Can I Find Torrents Of Inuyasha

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    I looked on Suprnova and others and still can't find any. I'm stuck on episode 41. If anyone could give me a URL I would be incredibly happy. Thanks in advance.

    P.S. Yes I looked through the pinned topics and everything.

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    I'm not even sure what that is but just try searching on kazaa

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    I have tried kazaa. Hard to find and when you do find them they take forever. And then once they finally download they look like crap and the fansubs look like someone retarted made them. The first night I got Bittorent I download 5 episodes in 6 hours and they looked good and had good subs. Kazaa sucks for anime that isn't in English.

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    check some of the sites in my sig

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    Do what Junkyard said..and also check Fangirl Friday (use google to search, don't feel like giving out links) for some of the later ones (it has from around 105 to 115..or so)


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