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Thread: File Corruption Or My Pc

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    I recently downloaded Norton Internet Security 2003 and I have had some problems which I'm not sure if are caused by my PC or the Software. When I Install only the firewall the program works fine but if I Install the antivirus i get continous internal program errors. I tried reinstalling several times with no succes. Is there any kind of software that lets me check the integrity of the software I dl to see if the copy I have is the problem?

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    sounds like u got a fake, delete that vers and get a verified 1

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    I wouldn't say it's a fake. There's nothing fake about a file transfer error.
    I'm not sure if something like checkdisk would work on a removable media drive. I doubt it, can't see how. If you could extract it to harddrive in the right format then running a checkdisk on the system might fix some erors as long as no info is missing.

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    Did you have another brand of antivirus on your computer before?

    If so, try uninstalling NAV, then go to your old AV's website and see if you can get instructions on how to do a manual uninstall. Also try a registry cleaner like window washer. Then try installing Norton again. I'd bet it's a conflict between your old AV and the new.

    If Norton Internet Security has installed ok then it's unlikely that it's corrupted. If that were the case the installation would fail, reporting a missing file or suchlike.


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