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Thread: do you download just to upload?

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    - how much of the content you download from trackers do you actually watch/listen to/use/play?

    - do you prefer to download as much as possible or upload as much as possible?

    - why?
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    I usually download a lot of content that I use, but I also upload the torrents I download, and seed new releases to keep my ratio up.

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    I usually download torents i am gonna use..........but sometimes i download some only to keep my ratio up

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    Well some times, I download if I know a torrent will be very popular, just to fill up the buffer. But most of the times I download the stuff I need!

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    I usually just download stuff I'm actually going to use/watch/listen to but then I seed the hell out of it.

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    Actually to be honest, yeah. At times I just download just to stay active even if I don't need that specific file

    For eg. TV shows.....I just grab them cuz they r a good way to get ur ratio up, I don't even watch any of em. Just grab it and seed till u get a 4.0+ ratio on it and then just delete the file(s)
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    i use what i download.. why should i download, if i wouldnt use it?
    some games i kind of just leech, bc my computer sucks to hard to play games and i dont really have the time anyways..
    i try to keep as many torrents alive as i can, but that isnt much

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    When I first started to use private sites, I used to do a lot of partial seeding and download lots of things that I didn't need, just to keep a good ratio.

    Now, I only download things I need.
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    I don't really have that much time to use my download, but sometimes I download for the sake of upload because I don't like it if my upload speed slowing down

    I paid the internet so why not using it?
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    I don't have a lot of time these days due to exams and everything but I download a lot of stuff to watch it later (mostly movies)

    I do download from time to time some DVDRs and some packs (when they're freeleech) just to help bring my ratio up a bit.

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