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Thread: why are these .par files not there?

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    i am a giganews user, and for some reason lately the .nfo, .par, and .sfv files in some things are not on the servers..

    error: (file not found)

    example: [1567]-[]-[FULL]-[Manhunt_2-USA-WII-PreCiSiON] - [002/104] - "pcn-man2.par2" yEnc

    there is a link to the page.

    is anyone else having trouble getting these files.. Or is it just me? btw... i can get every single other file in that except for the 1 .par2 file, the .nfo, and the .sfv

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    I get no such article too..

    Other files ok.

    First time I'm unable to download files from GN that is found by binsearch and newzleech.

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    Giganews issue. Add a cheap block account server to fill them in automatically.


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