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Thread: Wat Happened To The Mpaa?

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    Wat happened to them? there's a lot of movie pirating too u know
    how come they're not doin anything like the Riaa is doin?

    btw: How the hell do the MPAA and RIAA scan 500 million computers? and i think that's in the US alone... Stupid people...

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    I doubt they are really losing sales like the RIAA claims they are from copyright they probably will try to crack down in a minute to

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    i read an article on wired about bittorrent and it said that the mpaa are getting restless after a perfect quality version of finding nemo was leaked 2 days after it was released in theaters. but they say that they r gonna play it cool 4 now.
    stupid idiots :pirate:

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    there is no perfect quality finding nemo.. at least none on vcd quality

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    Although not perfect in it's approach or PR, at least the MPAA is taking some constructive actions to make their product better. To understand that statement, you have to remember the the MPAA views every movie today as a one concept. This not only includes the movie release, but the merchandising and video/DVD release.

    I am not saying they always to a good job, or that they have won the battle, but they do at least try.

    For instance, they have shortened the average time between movie and video release. And the bulk of the blockbuster movies come with a massive amount of extras on the DVD that many people do want, but seldom if ever find through file sharing.

    Also, the bulk of their leagle action go against the pirats who try and make money of pirated copies and produce in the hundreds to thousands, and then sell them for profit.

    Please do not misunderstand me. I am in no way, saying the the MPAA are angles, or that they do not misuse thier lawyers in attempts to discourage filesharing, but if the RIAA is a cancer, than the MPAA is a benigne tumor.


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