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Thread: Help Me Put A Name To A Scene

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    alright, ive had this scene stuck in my head for quite a while, but cant remember where it came from and its driving me nuts! theres this one guy in the hole in prison, and an officer comes to take him out. when the guy in the whole walks out, theres a bunch of fella's standing behind a gate looking like they're gonna beat him up, so he hits the cop and locks himself back in the hole.
    its really stupid, but i cant get it out of my head and i wont be able to until i find out where its from... thanks a bunch for any help

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    nope, that doesnt ring a bell, its a newer movie, i think i saw it on HBO or something a bit ago... thanks for your help though

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    National security !

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    Originally posted by AznRocky@27 July 2003 - 22:47
    National security !
    YES! thank you so much, now i can finally sleep at night. thank you again

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