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Thread: Peer Guardian - The Boogie Man

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    First let me start with the workings of Peer Guardian, the Database is created through submissions, some good, some bad (hopefully removed when found), thus many people ar getting spooked from numerous "Connection Forcefully Closed" alerts when they are inaccurate submissions (possibly intentionally) One example is that I noticed Paul's Avatar is bloced by an IP in the Peer Guardian database. My Zone Alarm says the Avatar is located at with an IP of Though in Peer Guardian when I load a page with Paul's Avatar it reads...
    Connection forcefully closed on: - MPAA (incl. MPAA.NL)
    MPAA (incl. MPAA.NL)???? Don't think so. Ive' also found others Avatars on the board that are blocked by Peer Guardian with inaccurate hostile names.

    An example of a recent post with a paranoid (or just worried) member can be read at
    Just one of many I've seen on this board. There are also blocks created in Peer Guardian by simply surfing the web, should an inaccurate IP be present.

    Thus I think that only IP's should be present in Peer Guardian software with a link to query someone like automatically, the same as the PG Database web page has it setup, so that when you click an IP it quereys This would cut down on the parinoia factor of new users seeing spook names that are inaccurate such as...

    Connection Forcefully Closed On 192.xx.xx.xx - YourGettingSuedTommorrow By AA

    Since some of these are bad submisions, which only spook people when they see multiple blocks from the Boogie Man while simply surfing the web, why show names at all, it should just be the IP with a quicklink to the a whois database if the user wants more info...

    Connection Forcefully Closed On 192.xx.xx.xx

    This would cut down on the parinoia factor of new users seeing spook names that are inaccurate. People are emptying their shared folders in droves, and PG should be helping stop this, but I am starting to see that it is pushing it foward. I have talked with many people, intelligent and not, who ask "Holy shit PG blocked 400 hits yesterday from the AA, maybe I should lay low for awhile". Truth is it wasn't the AA at all it was someones avatar on the KLite forum or whatever. Another shared foler emptied though.

    I would say that I was dissapointed when the new KL++ did not have logging for the IP blocking, but now after thinking about it, I am glad it dosen't. It's simpler. Lets you have some security without scaring the shit out of you.

    Truth is even I found the Peer Guardian hesteria disturbing at first. The names SHOULD be removed, since it is counter productive in the whole concept of what Peer Guardian is supposed to accomplish...
    Make people feel a little more secure, not scare the shit out of them.

    Thats REALITY

    Please State In a Response 1 or 2 Weather You Wish To...

    1. - Have Only IP Ranges With A Quick Link To A Whois
    2. - Keep The Boogie Man Names

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    im just in a good mood and had to do it sorry

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    but seriously...
    1. - Have Only IP Ranges With A Quick Link To A Whois

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    I agree. I don't use PG myself as I'm not convinced it actually does anything, but others take what it says as gospel, especially when it's recommended by sites like this and zeropaid.

    It's no wonder people are scared when they think they've connected to the RIAA 20 times in one day. Letting the user know the connection was forcefully closed is good enough, and the link to a whois is a good idea for those who want to see why the connection was closed.

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    Originally posted by randm01@28 July 2003 - 08:17

    im just in a good mood and had to do it sorry
    No Comedians Posting Here PLEASE...

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    I vote for #1.

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    I vote for #2. Just live for being scared.

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    Originally posted by LoneGypsy@30 July 2003 - 21:00
    I vote for #2. Just live for being scared.
    I thought I said NO Comedians please.

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    one of the problems is that a whois won't always correspond an anti p2p group with the host/isp that the whois lists but i share your concern reality

    i'm sure it's been mentioned (reality is a member there) but the peerguardian forum is the place to report bad submissions and learn more about the database etc...

    here are some other links that have to do with the anti p2p groups, peerguardian etc

    peerguardian FAQ:

    report invalid ip ranges in the database

    summary guide of anti file sharing groups

    guide to submitting and reporting ip ranges

    guides for importing ips into firewalls

    database discussion

    comments on admin guides

    p2p news

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    Definitely #2
    signature removed, check the boardrules.

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