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Thread: Soooo Hungry - Need Waffles.....

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    I am an ex-Oinker looking for a fun, friendly community. I am into all sorts of music and actively participate in giving as much back as I take. PM me for proof that I was a member of Oink before it sadly got shut down.

    As you can see (in my stats in my sig), I've been a member of all these sites for a couple of years atleast and have a healthy ratio with them all.
    I'm not a leecher and will always seed and try to contibute new content when I can. Don't worry, your account will be safe if you invite me as I will never be a baseline user as I take pride in my account and the community.
    I like most kind of music but especially metal, punk, thrash, rock, indie. My wife badgers me to get her some of the newer releases too. So it's a pretty ecclectic taste in music...
    When I was with Oink, I would always check the request section to see if I had any of them in my collection that I could upload and give something back.

    Thanks for looking and hopefully considering me. Your invite will not be wasted.


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    Beans on toast i find more tasty then again you seem happy with just plain and simple waffles

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    I'll feed you, send me a pm. \m/

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    I was going to invite you from your last thread, I forgot all about it, PM me if you still need an invite.

    EDIT: opps didn't see SoLD's offer.

    EDIT 2: To all the randomers who are PMing me for this invite, stop it please. This post is a reply to one person, not an open invitation for everyone and their aunt to PM me for it, so NO PMs!
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