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Thread: Did Any Of You See The Ad On Tv ?

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    i was watching tv and MPAA made a ad saying piracy is illegal blah blah blah, the cost them billon dollars years <-- the biggest bullshit i ever heard on my fucking my life this fucking company make alot fucking money and they bitching about losing money. i had it with this shit , i am going to go nut and make fucking bowb blow this fucker into to piece(well i won&#39; do the because i don&#39;t have the balls) but i wish someone did and leave a message behind saying "FUCK YOU AND YOUR COPYRIGHT" sorry to sound mean but i hate this fucking companies already.. i mean if someone going to bomb this companie make sure the people are out , just to prove a point . i dont want anyone to die just want the company to die

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    i saw it, i just laugh whenever i see it

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    how much are they paying for advertising??
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    Yeah one commericial has people working in the movie industry saying things like, "How will I afford health insurance?" "How will I pay off my student loan?"

    Its like join the rest of the world, asshole- lack of health insurance is a fucking epidemic in America- hell I don&#39;t have health insurance and I am supposed to care that someone working in the movie industry has to pay alot for theirs? Give me a break&#33;

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    They complain about losing money.... I mean.... they are wasting their money by advertising... They are blaming the bad economy on p2p networks like Kazaa. I bet that if none of these existed, their sales would NOT go up&#33;

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    yeah i saw it. i laugh at the part when the guy says how am i going to pay for my glasses. its like WTF. you think thats going to end piracy.

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    Someone should record it off tv, digitize it and put it on Kazaa. Keep a decent resolution. I would like to be able to see the movie.

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    Haha i agree with 3rd gen noobs sig

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    I&#39;ve seen the commercial also and I too think that it is funny. I mean, now they can be just like the rest of us. Are we supposed to feel sorry for these asshoes? How many of them do you think download and share copyrighted files? I guess they should piss and moan to someone who gives a shit.

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    Hahaha is fuckin right, If those bitches didn&#39;t have there 2000 dollar house payments and there 1000 dollar beamer payments a month maybe they could afford there glasses and health insurance&#33;&#33; Fuck&#39;em all......

    PS, I didn&#39;t even see those cry babies but I can just image there poor little soles whinning&#33;&#33;

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