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Thread: Splinter Cell Corrupted

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    Mar 2003
    I downloaded the splinter cell bin files CD1 and CD2 from kazaa. The first one had 1 error, so I repaired the file, then clicked on rebuild sector fields. The second disk had 232 errors, and they couldn't be fixed, so I clicked on rebuild sector fields and it said that there was no more errors after I checked it again.
    Can someone tell me what "rebuild sector fields does," and if the files may still be corrupt.

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    Dec 2002
    Rebuild sector fields is merely repairing what is corrupt,i think.

    If they both come out ok with CDMage then try and either mount them with Daemon Tools or just burn them and see.

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    can some one help me wiv this cd mage thing

    like go through step by step how to fix things cause i got gta vice city and it needs fixing


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