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Thread: Simple Nero Question

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    I need help, I have been trying for weeks now and I cannot get it. the problem, I;ll tell you,
    I dl some movies and want to burn them on a dvd using Nero,
    Won't work, I have no ideas wich options to check and what the other options must be, is there someone who can tell me step by step so I can burn the movie and watch it on my dvd player??????????/
    O, and please don,t tell me to go to dvdrhelp, tried that, doesn't work, or I am doing something totally wrong

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    Follow the link in my sig, very step by step. All the basics.

    or go to

    the only thing that you are doing totally wrong is using nero te encode, and not searching the forum.

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    Ill simplfy it for ya

    Get Virtualdub and TMPGEnc

    exract the WAV from the AVI and save it using Virtual Dub

    use TMPGEnc to encode

    chosee create VCD in nero copy drag BURN&#33;&#33;&#33;


    read the guide however otherwise you will be asking lots of questions


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