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Thread: Ubuntu dvd

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    Is there a ubuntu with nvidia drivers and other restricted drivers available? i have a offline workstation which im trying to play around with, and cant get the compiz graphics working because i cant workout how to install the packages of the nvidia drivers offline

    Any ideas?

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    if you download the appropriate drivers from the nVidia unix drivers page:
    then copy the drivers to the offline workstation (with usb drive/cd/whatever), then you should be able to install them from there. There's some instuctions on that page i think how to install the drivers too

    hope this helps, good luck with it

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    Easiest thing would be to download LinuxMint. It's Ubuntu with all those proprietary drivers.
    You'll want to download the "Main Edition"

    Should be 100% compatible with Ubuntu.

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    Also, a good little program for graphics card drivers is Envy.

    I know a number of people who have found it very useful


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