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Thread: What Vid Card Should I Get

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    i got $40-60 MAXIMUM to spend on a video card what card is the best that i can get for that ammount of money?

    this seems to be the best i know of

    XFX GeForce4 MX440se 64MB PCI TV Out Video Card $59.99

    i want to beable to play vice city and UT2K3 and RTCW

    my specs are

    20 gig hd
    128mb ram
    pentium 3 prosseser
    8mb video (hopefully i can upgrade that)

    i have PCI slots

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    I would reccomend for that budget of around 60$, a radeon 9200 for around that range. Search at for more of them.

    if you could swing another 20, up 80$ it would be well worth it to get a geforce 4 ti4200 64meg version.

    dont get the geforce mx card though, they are pure shit, your far better off with the radeon 9200 from gigabyte or saphire, any of the brands, that ATI gives the chips to.

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    You need a new computer... me to

    Intel Pentium 2 400mhz
    192mb ram
    6gb hard drive
    16mb ATI Rage 128

    for the graphic card part get like a o i dunno a cheap Geforce
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    get an ati radeon 9000+ ....

    i got a 9000 64mb for 65 dollars :/

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    thank you for your replys im gonna try to get the Radeon 9200 thank you all

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    what about apg and pci busses does it matter? ?

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    what about apg and pci busses does it matter - ??? (keeping in mind a bus is basicly a cable) I can't really recomend a graphics card unless you tell me how much money you got in nzd, but do get an agp card you'll much better performance.


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