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Thread: Best Download Manager?

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    According to you, wahts the best download manager? I use dap 5.3 as it is very fast but the problem is that it cant download in ftp sites, so i use getwright but the problem is that it is slow!!!!

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    you should get a dedicated ftp client for downloading from ftp sites

    i use smart ftp
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    Thanx i will try it later

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    I use Download Express. It is an IE browser plug-in that loads with the browser and doesn&#39;t run as a separate program all the time while sitting on the system tray unlike other programs.

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    ummm... Didn&#39;t we just do this?? take a look down the page, around the next bend if needed. It&#39;s there.

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    Star Downloader. Supports FTP and HTTP. Proxy is also supported.

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    THe best download manager ever is FLASHGET JETCAR


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