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Thread: Is Technologu Useful To You?

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    Hi -
    I have to do a 3 minute speech tomorrow, I chose my topic to be technology. I just this would be interesting, but how many people think Technology is helpful and how many don't.
    Please tell your friends to say, I want as many people as possible posting their opinions.

    P.S. Why can't I start a poll ( include this with your answer please)

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    Only Moderators can start a poll. Secondly, you wont get anywhere with the poll results unless you have valid answers supporting this. This might have been a Lounge question but what the hell.

    Technology is definetly useful to all of us. It takes us a step further in our evolution and let us achieves tremendous goals that weren't possible in the begining. Some might think it is useless or harmful but in my opinion Technology is always helpful. It is we "the people" who dont use it well sometimes and use it against our own development. If anything is useless then those peopel not technology.

    There is much more to say. I will add later on.
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    Is technology great?

    Well.... it kind of depends who you are asking, doesn&#39;t it.

    I for one could very well do without those damn cell-phones making noise every
    30 seconds.... this is just ONE example of how technology-freaked people invade our privacy:

    I&#39;m trying to watch a movie in a theatre, (and I paid good money to see it too...) AND some moron sitting in the row behind me starts blabbering to his&#092;her friend on the cell-phone... telling what is happening in the movie... and IF he&#092;she has seen it before, AND the whole PLOT, too...

    Well.... cell-phones are just one example of technology that did NOT have to develop that far.... but now that it has.... I&#39;m beginning to think it&#39;s more of a nuisance than it is (?) a benefit to mankind...

    Same goes with many other ingenious machines and applications. Some things are much more fun done "the old fashioned way" (like having sex...)

    Like the movies they make today: just an exhibit of the latest digital effects... movies USED to have a story to tell sometime in the early stoneages.... now NOTHING..... but CRASH, BOOM, BANG&#33;
    There&#39;s not a stupid storyline a good explosion or two wouldn&#39;t cure???
    "Hollywood Logic"???

    But... to get BAK to the original issue.... technology IS ok. ... basically, applied in such a way it does not freak people out... some people have problems adjusting to new technology, like computers and other electronic gizmos...

    Not MY problem though.... I have assembled 6-7 computers thus far from parts and I can&#39;t say that was even difficult. My two kids love &#39;em and and the one I&#39;m using now works like a charm&#33;

    Technology is like any other thing in this world: either a benefit or a hazard.

    What it finally turns out to be depends on the user.

    So.... cheerio, and keep on clicking on that mouse-button&#33; (That obnoxious little devil... putting his&#092;her whiskers everywhere... I really should get a CAT in here....)

    Bye, boyze&#33;


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    Technology is the totality of the means employed by a people to provide itself
    with the objects of material culture. Which gives you a scope beyond your wildest imagination:-

    Try talking about the benefits and the disadvantages:-

    Benefits: Cars, Television, Radio, Cell Phones,Air Travel etc.

    Disadvantages:- Pollution. Noise, Ill Health(Pollution),Animal Extinction etc.

    Hope I haven&#39;t gave you too much to think about. Always remember to start a talk with some kind of shock to grab the attention of your listeners. Be prepared for stupid questions from your audience&#33;

    Good Luck
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    you could just get a stopwatch and show it to your audience for 3 minutes...

    and i agree about the car angle, i think i could do a talk solely on that for 20 mins
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    technology has many advantages such as medical stuff and it makes u able to do things faster but it also has disdvantages such as it can sometimes be unreliable so sometimes its good for me (most of the time) but it can also be a rite fucker

    hope that helps sorta
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    Thanks so much guys&#33; I&#39;m going to post what mark I get. When I get it


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