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Thread: TDC Giefaway

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    n00b BT Rep: +2
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    Mar 2006
    This giveaway was approved by TDC administrator

    I have 5 spare invites to TDC

    1. 3 Ratio proofs with TODAYS DATE!
    2. 10+ Reputation points
    3. 50+ Posts
    4. Reason why you want an invite.

    DO NOT PM! ... anyone who PMs will be disqualified immediately

    if u dont meet the requirements, dont bother asking


    edit: All gone
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    Hey nice. I'll do the proofs as soon as I get home.. in a few hours.

    Great giveaway

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    one pls, just look at me
    i want dvd torrents, i am movies addict. so what's better if not TDC ?
    if you need proofs just tell me.
    i think there is no need, anyway

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    TranceRoute's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +8BT Rep +8
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    Dec 2007
    first all i can say that this is a great start for u..
    scoend this ratio is mine if u picked me i can make u sure by the pm in all of this site
    thired thnx for this great give anway..i need the site to complete my collection of the favorite movies of mine...only the fovorite is dvdr...

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    n00b BT Rep: +2
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    Mar 2006
    people, read the damn post
    there are 4 requirements, and ALL are MUST

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    knight76's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +1
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    Lol, chronic shortage of reading ability.
    My Giveaway's

    TheDVDClub account - messi_19

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    Please follow the inviter's request. It seems like no one knows how to read.
    *** I Love Sharing & Helping Other People ***

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