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Thread: Which Ati Is Better 9500 Or 9600

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    I want to purchace a new video card and I am trying to decide between the Ati 9500 and the 9600. Both cards are in the same price range.

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    when i was deciding which to buy i bought a magazine with reviews on each. The Radeon 9500 gave better benchmark scores than 9600 and was judged the overall better card. The problem was availability to buy. The magazine said thst if you could, get a 9500 as it will outperform the 9600.

    I couldnt get a 9500 cause no1 stocks them anymore
    So i settled for Sapphire 9600, works v. nice and Sapphire supply tools for overclocking if you want.

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    Thanks for the imput

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    I have posted the same thing so many times in this forum, but I will post it again.

    You just buy the non pro 9500 for $140 and soft mod it to the pro version.

    The card then uses all 8 pixel pipelines.

    Read about that



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