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Thread: IndieTorrents not really closed?

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    Everyone says their invite system is closed but I like to go and drool over the homepage periodically and I've noticed that the 'welcome to our newest member' name changes every once in a while.... anyone know how people can still be signing up there?

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    they prob know admins.

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    YAY FOR TRADING/! BT Rep: +8BT Rep +8
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    invites aren't closed, members who have lots of independent music to contribute are invited

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    if you get invited now, you need to have 'ass' or 'dick' in your username hahah

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    It's a shame I don't have any music of my own to offer, all I can do is promise that I'll download lots of music and share it like craaaaazy... just like every other invite beggar in existence

    Funny you should mention it, I've been wanting to use asscuntdickhead as my nick for quite some time now but haven't found a site who'll condone it... but #IT is down like that you say?

    p.s. this is the emoticon version of my current sex life (I'm on the left... and that's my imagination you can see flashing)
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