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Thread: Limewire goes into social networking

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    "Gnutella P2P vendor Limewire has just semi-announced their social networking website Limespot was mentioned today on the Limewire developer blog as an upcoming "new project" without going into details what the site will be about."

    "Go to, and you'll get a better idea:

    "LimeSpot is a new up-and-coming community site, and we've got big plans. Plans to let you build your own ideal online site. Be a blogger, whip up a wiki, foster a forum -- or all of the above. Pick and choose from our beautiful themes, or design your own."

    You can already join today, but the site only allows you to generate a very bare profile and invite friends. Blogging, Wiki and other features aren't enabled yet. Also, it's not clear whether Limespot will integrate in any way with the Limewire P2P client."

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