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Thread: Anti-Piracy Voice-Overs to Prevent CDs from Leaking

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    Recently, more and more CDs are being protected by voice-overs to prevent these albums from leaking to the public before the official release date. The voice-overs are pretty effective, but there is a downside, they start to annoy reviewers and even start to affect album ratings.

    “WARNING: All songs on this promo CD are voice-over protected to avoid any piracy and illegal file uploading on the internet before the release date”

    This is the message printed on the cover of protected CDs. Most filesharers are probably familiar with the “for your consideration” messages displayed in DVDscreeners, but similar messages on CDs are less known. The voice overs do their job, because of their inferior quality none of these albums are uploaded to the Internet. However, they also make it harder for the reviewers to do their job if the music fades out every other minute, and it’s starting to annoy them.


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    What douche came up with this voice-over idea? If I was a critic reviewing albums, I would skip CD's completely that had this embedded into them. What a horrible idea!

    It never ceases to amaze me. These money hungry goons will go to any lengths to fight piracy, even if it means shooting themselves in the foot.


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