Hello guys, I am new here to the bittorrent scene, I already do torrenting for approx 2 years and friends have me dragged into some good sites. Now I am here to see what you can offer me extra, in change for what I offer you. Be aware that I will almost probably have all "level 3" trackers etc. This is what I have:

TorrentLeech 4**GB buff
ScT 5**GB buff
ScT invite
NB 22*GB buff (if you help me writing an invite request in Norwegian, I have an invite for you)
TranceTraffic 13*GB buff
BitmeTV new account

I am not interested in E**** or any of that format because the content is not of my interest. FSC would be most welcome, though I also need waffles.fm and maybe others which I have not written down.

Have Fun!