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Thread: Recovery Console

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    Jan 2003
    I just went and bought a new 120 gb hdd and when i installed it I screwed up the way grub(an open source bootloader) was working. so what i want to do is get into the windows recovery console to try a mbrfix.

    the only problem is that i lent out my win xp cd yesterday and i really dont fancy the drive to go pick it up again. Will i have to download the whole os again to get it working or can i just download the recovery console from somewhere.

    or if you got any ideas about grub that might be an easier way to fix it.

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    Id advise you next time you have a windows disk to install the recovery console.


    Anyway Youll need to do a fixmbr or bootcfg /default from the recovery console. Or if you can boot into dos and do a fixmbr or something. You may be able to get a boot floppy for the recovery console but I dont know.

    Next time you chose a dual boot dont install a boot loader boot up linux from a floppy.


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