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Thread: Printing on dvd problem

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    i need help plsssss. i have a Canon pixma MP600 and i have a problem when printing on dvd. I use the original tray and i use CD-LABEL print as software.

    the probelm is that when i print it dosen't print the whole dvd but it leaves some with in it.. i scanned one of my latest dvd to show you exactly..

    can someone keen on the subject help me out pls?

    this is the pic

    they all come like that. i don't know what else to do.


    and i donwload labels from customainacs

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    Assuming that the original images are perfectly central, it looks like the problem occurs at 2 levels.

    First of all there's the offset, that causes the different amounts unprinted when comparing the side and the top. Secondly there's the amount allowed for "bleed", which is effectively how close to the edge of the disk you want to get.

    Both these should be adjustable in the software, but I'm not familiar with the software you are using so I can't tell you where to look. If they aren't adjustable then you should probably try different software.

    In any case, this is a software issue rather than hardware. I'll move it to that section so you have a better chance of getting the answers you need.
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    try Cover XP


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