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Thread: Mobile Phones

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    so many to choose from

    looking for a pay as you go deal, round about 80

    any suggestions?

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    Just buy a phone that works

    Whats the point in spending loads of cash on a phone that does a load of crap you never use

    Nokia 3310 is a good phone with a good strong signal finder.

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    If you reAlly need one buy one ,but if not don't buy a cell phone .Every day we are work hard and listen bullshit from the others .I WANT TO STAY IN PEACE (maybe you want to do the same thing).

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    2 baked bean tins and a long piece of string works for me !!

    Not so good for text messages though

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    Hi ya hypoluxa3k, I see so many people getting into the mobile war, My Brother has just spent 260 on a mobile, WOW I could buy a car for that.
    My advice is buy a cheap secoundhand Nokia 3210 or similar model for 20 Keep your cash in your pocket.

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    Goto ebay and get a phone for 20 and then goto a local market and get a sim

    card for a tenner.. 02 are doing a sim card for 99p (you need to put 10 on it per month) you get 300 free texts and 300 free wap minutes.. bargain ?

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    Try this top of the range model .

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    i'm going for this one:

    go here

    nice appearance, good reviews, nice price (for me)

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    i have a sony ericsson t68i

    the best thing about it is the large memory capacity for storing messages
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