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Thread: Which Of The Trilogy Did You Like The Most

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    Which Of These Movies Did You Think Was The Best?

    Terminator 1
    Terminator 2 - Judgement Day
    Terminator 3 - Rise Of The Machines

    I Thought Terminator 2 - Judgement Day was the BEST!

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    Jul 2003

    T2 Judgement Day is the best

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    Feb 2003
    easily terminator 2

    fuck Derby County

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    Terminator 2

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    1 is without a doubt the best Arni movie ever which also makes it the best terminator

    2's good... (everyone loves the finger through the eye thingy).

    & 3 sucks dick (bring on the flames&#33

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    Terminator 1 was good t2 was good t3 what was that all about??? t3 not bad but could have been a hell of a lot better

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    T2 all around.......

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    I loved the whole series but there something about the 1st movie that I think makes it a work of genius it is the only really great sci fi film that doesnt rely heavily on sfx. It is completely entertaining from beginning to end and the sfx look like they are out of a 80's tv show. u cant say that about the other 2 they needed the sfx to make them work.

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    i guess............ t3 but then i saw the light and then it kinda sucked when i thought about so i guess T2

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    My fav is T1 all that action and violence, it's gr8.. and the Kyle Reese Character, amazing, Sheer brilliance by Cameron...

    T2 is also amazing...

    but T3... there is no T3 in my world... it ended at T2 for me

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