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Thread: Broadband Routers?

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    hey guys i just got a new router for the cheap price of 25 dollars because the last one stopped working, it was made by smc and it was called a broadband router, when i started to download something from the internet while the router was installed the download went 200kb every second! BUT, that was yesterday, today it's back to the normal speed, anyone know why?

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    I would say that your ISP capped ya.

    BTW SMC makes good stuff. Is you router managable? I have a little Cisco 804 and runs like a champ. I hate IOS but what the hell. I got it from a guy I know that got me turned on to networking.

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    of course it's manageble! but is there anything i could do to fix this?

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    Change ISP's Pay more for more speed

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    hmm... what does 'capped' mean? i'm not familiar with all of these terms.

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    It means that your ISP set a limit to how fast you download.

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    (if you have broadband) there are ways to screw around with your modem to
    "un-cap" it but its tough and illegal technicaly its theft of services or something like that--my friend did it and downloaded at 10mb/s--but he got a call from his ISP and they un-subcribed and banned him from them

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    The reason they "Cap" people so fast is simple, it doesent take the ISP long to figure out who you are dowloading from. Once they do all of their contacts in RIAA wont be too thrilled that the ISP's are alowing this and have the power to make the companys limit dowload speeds and amounts ect

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    i wish my DSL was uncapped

    riaa will never find me fuckers

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    i thought the RIAA only delt with piracy, guess i was wrong.


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