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Thread: How Do I Download Files With Bittorrent?

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    The other day I read that bittorrent is more reliable when it comes to download games, I'm tired of downloading Freelancer And Rise of nations with cab. files corrupted or movies with lot of bugs, in fact when I've tried to fix them with CDMAGE, the scan errors option is not enable. Well if anyone can tell me how do you use bittorrent I would be very thankful, please do it in a very easy to learn way, i'm really a dumbass.
    Thanks and excuse my english, I'm from argentina and I think that since highschool that I don't write in english.

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    Downloading files with bittorrent is very easy, just download and install the installer HERE and go to a torrent site, the best of which is and find a file you want. Click on it and it should ask you for a place to save the file. Choose a place and it should start allocating the file and then download it.

    Note: The only install confirmation you get says something like this "Bittorrent links in Internet Explorer should now work" or something like that.

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    Scroll up this page to the top and look for the topic called "Guide to using Bittorrent" and it will tell you everything about it.Read it very thoroughly so as you do not have to come back in two days and ask questions and be flamed for them.Lindorez tells you anything you have to know in his post.
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