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Thread: Neverwinter Nights

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    ok i downloaded the file called "Never.Winter.Nights.Myth.Rip(61x2.88)" and i extracted it. BUT one of the files didnt extract right...just 1. Anyone here extract it fully without any problems? If so can you send me the file that im missing (over AIM)

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    it must of got corrupted during please please can someone send me the file im missing? its called "Neverwne.c05"............please?

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    Neverwinning Knights

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    i just dled the same thing i extracted it n it worked file... but i havent unaced it yet... which i will do on another computer but it seems complete n right...

    File: Never.Winter.Nights.Myth.Rip(61x2.88).exe
    Length: 176366473 Bytes,172232KB
    File Hash: 101670f7cbf39a947dc50a4efef3d8200a9c87d9

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    could you send me the file im missing? please? (over AIM or something)

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    im me then~ n i'll try

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    i downloaded the same thing, it works except if you try to open the spell book than the game crashes. i've tried just about everything i know to fix it and nothing. Crash CrAsH CRASH is all it does.

    but i'm open to suggestions

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    You need to install the latest patch, and get a nocd crack as well as a cdkey registry editor for it to work. Wasn't that way when this file first started sharing, but it's gotten corrupted over time... You can get both the nocd and the cdkeyreg on Kazaa.


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