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Thread: What's the deal with 'Use Net'

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    I've heard it's like bittorrent but you don't seed you just leech. that sounds nice for bigger files such as games and hd movies. is use net free? is it easy to use?

    I've heard it's older technology then bittorrent. Well my pirating started with Limewire. then, about 2 years ago i started using bittorrent on public trackers. Just last summer I made the switch to 100% private trackers. I really don't know a thing about Usenet, although I've only really heard good gossip about it. What's the deal? The disadvantages must outweigh those of private trackers, or else what are we all doing using them?

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    There is a forum for usenet discussion, I suggest you go there for more infos.

    And no, usenet is not free, you have to pay for a "server" that will let you connect to newsgroup

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    Well you are in the wrong section for that for Usenet the section would be Newsgroups
    Also I have recently gotten into NG's and it's well worth it be sure to check if your ISP gives you a news server for free in the Grabit Tutorial


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