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Thread: Anyone used Bit Che?

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    Has anyone used Bit Che?
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    The description is tempting but does it worth installing it?
    How can I add all my private trackers?
    • No?Learn moreIt is a multiple torrent searcher, searches for torrents on multiple websites or torrent trackers, and return the results in a single list.

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    If there was a source code version I could audit for malicous purposes (we're dealing with an application that requires the passwords to private sites after all) and compile it myself, I'd seriously think about using it because it sounds very comfortable.

    But as it is ... I don't trust a tool like that if I haven't written it myself ... and I'm way too lazy for that

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    I love it. I use it for public sites since it doesn't include the private trackers I really love anyway. Also, it's great for sites like Cinemageddon and goem that track widely available files, so you find want you want on the private tracker, then get it from mininova or something.

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    I use it for public trackers and used to have configured my Demonoid login on it, it's a really useful app. They also have scripts for some private trackers (you have to add your login details) but on those I prefer to search manually.

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    I think that I wont use it any more, as I agree with security issues mentioned...And also there many more that I need to add and I am bored to search the proper scripts online...
    Though there are some firefox add-ons that may do the same thing as well or even better..Check out OpenSearchFox!!(thnx orion) You can add the search engines of your fav trackers. For the public trackers there also many add-ons to help search many of them at once (like Torrent Finder Toolbar etc)

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    hi guys, i'm the author of bit che, thought i would just stop by answer anyone's questions..

    regarding the user accounts, they are safe and secure. for one, the passwords are encrypted when stored on your computer. and second, feel free to use a TCP/spy to monitor Bit Che's communications if you are paranoid that the application tries to steal your accounts or whatever, haha..? you can be reassured thats not the case. Bit Che handles your accounts directly with the private sites so that it just works automatically.. if your cookies expire and it needs to re-login, theres no need for you to do anything.

    anyway, feel free to stop by our forums and request scripts to be written if you dont wanna try writing your own scripts for private sites not included



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