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Thread: Account disabled at bitme

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    CONFUSED MIND BT Rep: +7BT Rep +7
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    My account at bitme has been disabled,because someone here has abused the members . I went to the chat room ,still they are not satisfied.Can anyone help me in getting my account back.
    I had about 8 invites and 1.5 as ratio with UP:70GB and DL:50 GB

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    If you have already spoken to a staff member and their decision stands you can't do anything besides talking to another staff member but that could make it worse for you depending your case

    Report the person here as well in the report section.
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    Be sure to speak to an admin and if possible have detailed information about your situation.

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    bitme is very strict, best to play by the rules

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    This is what happens when you trade with people. You gave away a strict invites and didn't ask for anything other then another invite in return. I would definitely recommend researching people before you give them anything other then a rep whether it's through a giveaway or a trade. Here's the thread for reporting it.


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