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Thread: Any Help/websites On Overclocking?

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    are there any nice sites that can help me w/ overclocking them~

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    What do you want to OC? AMD is a bit easier than Intel to OC, but the mobo is the critical component. What are you running right now? Pop the specs oout and we'll see what can be done.

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    Those processors come frequency locked in most cases. You can open the cartridge, cut a few circuits, and try to overclock, but is it worth the trouble and risk?

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    well i have a p1 (bought in 1996) n p2 (1998) n there warranty is long gone... i just want the experience of overclocking them...

    i currently have a p3(800mhz)(my mothers), p4(2.66ghz)(mine), and my brother just ordered a p4(2.6ghz)... so those two computers are pretty much useless... and i wanted to try overclocking them...

    P1 --> 100mhz, 32mb Ram
    P2 --> 300mhz, 64mb Ram

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    some older boards have jumpers to set the speed etc, my other computer, amd k6-2 500, i clocked up to 550 using the multipliers in bios.

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