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Thread: I Want To Download Some Films

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    I want to download films likee american pie funny high school type films or sports films could someone plz name a few thank u in advance

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    Just Married~

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    I have a few teen comedy in my movie list, you can go have a look and see if like ne. you can also go to a movie database site and search for a comedy and then come back here to the forums and search for a verified hash.

    NightSky's MultiPlex Theater

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    the only recent one i can think of that good besides the American Pie series is Cant Hardly Wait.
    National Lampoon flicks
    Have u seen Fast Time at Ridgemount High or Animal House they are classic.
    3 O'clock High
    Ferris Beullers Day Off

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    Van Wilder
    New Guy
    Road Trip


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