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Thread: Security In Windows Me...

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    how can i make it so that there is no way to get inside my pc without a password because if u press cancel on the passowrd screen u can go in, so how can i disable that it cant happen(my sister went on my pc like that and she almost had my best friend loose his gf, long story ) thanks

    ps-i put this here because i thouht this fourm is most appropirate

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    You can set a password up in the bios. Turn on your computer and enter the bios (it's usually something like f4 or f1 or some crap like that when the computer is booting up). In one of the menus there will be an option to setup a password. Be careful not to mess with anything else or you can really fuck up your computer. Then just save what you changed and whenever you boot the computer up you won't be able to do anything unless you know the password. So you better use a password you can remember...


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