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Thread: Visual Studio .net 2003

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    Anyone know where i can download visual studio .net 2003 from, I have tried searching the kazza network over and over agian but all i find are text files with supossed links to it (but they dont work), ive even tried some bit torrent downloads it would take over 200 hrs to download (there is not enough people sharing it), so anyone know of any high speed FTP locations, or a verfied.

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    I got it off emule in less than 10 hours. Keep in mind how the credit system works. You obviously don't have any credit when you start so by default, a new install will give you a start credit. If for some reason, the people uploading from you aren't adding to your credit and improving your sources and speed, uninstall and reinstall the program. I've also found that emule plus sucks. 28a or b was a lot better at starting downloads and finding sources, custom configuring conections etc.


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