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Thread: Help with E-Learning (music) please

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    i'm teaching innercity neighborhood kids free music of course i have no budget for learning materials...all the instruments etc. are mine or were donated...

    anyway i'm looking for trackers with learning material for music....are there any out there dedicated to sheet music that you guys know of?

    and are they possible to get into..i seem to remember that there may be one but the members were pretty locked in.

    i had found a lot of great stuff on oink and demonoid...i had actually planned some lessons around a lot of that stuff. but unfortunately harddrive crashed soon after my favorite torrents did.
    through FST i've kindly been given, elbitz, and doc.torrents...
    i found a little bit on those trackers but not really what i need.
    so are there better trackers for this kind of thing? before i go panhandling in the invite room which sites should i be asking for?
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    I'm curious about this as well.

    There are 36 Books in the Music section at textbooktorrents, most having to do with Jazz, some on Music Theory which might be helpful.
    There are a few books at ProAudioTorrents....
    I'm sure there are some at the e-learning trackers.

    As for sheet music, I have no idea...
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    sheet music go to (open signup)

    A personal favorite of mine. Mostly piano material (if this is that is what you are looking for this site is perfect, use it with pianofiles and wahla lots of sheets) but there is also a handful of other instrumental content, string, brass, guitar. They have numerous full books for symphony's, concertos (Bach, Beethoven etc..) and have a wide range of modern content. There is also bit and pieces of e-learning for all types instruments in the tracker, even if you are not a pianist this site is definitely worth a look into for any musician.

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    bosse de nage's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +10BT Rep +10
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    southeast US
    thanks for the advice you guys..
    i tried pianosheets and textbooktorrents...
    i actually found one of the ebooks i used to have at one of them and was able to use it. although i'm going to keep looking b/c i've got to find more instruction things..workbooks, etc. i know they're out there b/c i used to have them.

    can anybody here do me a favor and check for "music theory" or "violin" lessons on waffles or maybe another torrent you think has a lot of books and let me know how many come up? i had a friend on oink that i can't find...he posted a book called "gypsy violin" and a few other books that i'm looking for but don't remember the names of. he's not on so i'm wondering if he's at waffles? or somewhere else.

    anyway thanks for the help you guys. our first class was tonight and there was a big turnout so i'm kindof nervous about not having some print outs of materials and not really being knowledgeable enough to be an instructor anyway.

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    lsw0794's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +11BT Rep +11BT Rep +11
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    pianosheets is good?
    it seems few seeds in it

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    audionews is about music learning right?


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