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Thread: Classic Movies

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    Well, I've been searching for some classic movies I'd like to watch such as Lawrence of Arabia, Bridge on River Kwai, Casablanca, etc. but I was not successful in finding DVD-Rs or DVD-rips of those. Is there any good tracker or site with classic movies DVD-Rs/DVD-rips? Not a tracker that is hard to get in. And yes, speed does matter.

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    KG, Cinema Obscura, and Cinematik.

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    If you want classic movies, then KG is the place you want. Hop onto their irc channel and you might get an invite.

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    To add to those mentionned, I'd also add

    Invites are rather easy to get for this site and they have 2 out of the 3 you are looking for.

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    also goem
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    I will add bithq here as well. You can find some nice dvds there.

    Does anyone know any more sites? I must say I'm looking for new sites that have classic movies in dvd or xvid format and I'm a bit surprised that there are not more trackers that have this kind of stuff.

    edit: And don't forget about , you can easily find Casablanca there..
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    these few sites have many of them, i dont know any others :/

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    there is another I know, but I can't name it

    Also worth mention for classic-cult and kitch movies is cinemageddon. Not great classics, but they got plenty of old farts!
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    SKGunners.... If you need SITR invite, pm me.
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    thanks all for the information..if you want asian movies you can also try
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